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FlowAgility is a digital platform fully designed to solve the needs of the worldwide Agility community, in and outside the competitions, and deliver it in such an organized and integrated way that will revolutionize the way people live Agility.

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Supporters and idols
  • Carlo Magnoli

  • Daniel Schröder

  • David Molina Gimeno

  • Hugo Santos

  • Jaime Otero Boquete

  • Katarina Podlipnik

  • Kisztina Beitl-Kabai

  • Lisa Frick

  • Martina Magnoli Klimesova

  • Nicola Giraudi

  • Ricardo Santolaya Cruz

  • Samir Abu Laila

  • Silvia Trkman

  • Simone Ullrich-Pansi

  • Susan Garrett

  • Tobias Wüst

  • Zsuzsa Veres

The challenge

A HUGE first!

As all the community knows, Agility is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle, and as so, it's part of people’s life for much more than just the competitions. FlowAgility challenge is to join in just one place all the scattered pieces of the Agility related activities, pieces that had never been together before, which will make FlowAgility a huge first!

The recipe for success

Best team + best technology + best supporters

To build FlowAgility, we decided to go pro on it and, early last year, we invested deeply on creating a company to be fully dedicated to this project.

We built an amazing team, chose the best technology available to accomplish the desired results and we are now working round the clock to continuously deliver the best features in a short term.

Why create a crowdfunding campaign?

Big projects demand big investments to give them an increasing pace. It is now time to go for external financing to speed up the process.

After analysing the different possibilities available, crowdfunding emerged as the best solution, as it transforms FlowAgility somehow in a community project, leaving inside the Agility community all the benefits for its support.

How does this crowdfunding campaign works?

As in any other crowdfunding campaign, we are selling our product at an early stage of its production, to be able to keep working on the project at the quickest pace.

In this case, the product is a FlowAgility Super Premium subscription that will unblock all the paid features – real time events, mobile apps, personal organization, integrated personal areas… – of the platform as soon as they are available (check out for the Features page).

As a reward for your trust and support, we will get you this Super Premium subscription for a small part of the price it will cost as soon as the campaign ends. This offer is highly compensatory if you take in consideration that the paid features will start popping up in April (know more on the Milestones page).

This campaign will only be open for a short period of time (first round until April 30th, and second round until May 31st) so please click the button bellow, become a FlowAgility Founding Subscriber and help the community to benefit from it in a short term.


The main structural work of the platform is now in place, so 2018 will be a year full of new features popping up all the time!

Launching FlowAgility now is also part of a strategy to make it benefit from your feedback, using it as our GPS to shape details in the platform according to what the Agility community really feels, and turn this platform into a partnership, a shared project in most ways.

Check our Features and Milestones and turn FlowAgility into your next project from the heart!

Join us

Get your own piece of FlowAgility

If being just a Founder isn't enough, and a project like this is also a dream you could envision as yours, it will be a pleasure to present you our Equity Financing campaign where we are evaluating potential Equity Investors and share with them all the needed information to help us decide if we could be a good match in business.

Become a FlowAgility partner

We are also looking for strategic partners who would like to collaborate at a deeper level, in order to enrich even more this project and help develop your own business.

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